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'Little Girl With Gun' Color by StudioCreations 'Little Girl With Gun' Color by StudioCreations
This is the computer colored version of the Black and White inked drawing of "Little Girl With Gun".

I block colored the large areas on one layer in photoshop, dropped the opacity down to 75%, then on a layer underneath the colors, used a grey 'wash' to add in the background and shadows to the color areas.

I feel like the 75% opacity actually gave the piece a nice diffused look, very reminiscent of the 70's and 80's comicbooks that I read as a kid.
SirKenneth Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006
I like this one alot--esspecialy for the comic book style. The sizes of the gun vs. the girl make her look young and give this peice a rad gorilla warfare kind of feel. I think the only crit I have in on the hands. they looks small and work for the piece-but as a main attention getter-the fingers are a little short. its a great piece man-I like it isolated in your avatar-looks like smoke bel;owing from the gun up top and the general closed in feeling is unstable and gives it great feel. thank you for sharring!!!
StudioCreations Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006  Professional General Artist
Yeah, this was my second attempt at a finished illustration that I did in 10 years, so I was slack on making the fingers. I've been trying over the past year or so to get better at hands, bt they still elude me. I

was amazed how well this colored piece worked for my avatar too. Rather powerful.

The original photo which I drew this from was published by the Associated Press, or Reuters. I think it's a phillipine girl, age 10 or so.

Thanks for posting a comment on this piece. Makes me proud that I keep it in my gallery.
SirKenneth Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006
yeah-have a loomat how Barth Hogart (i think) does his hands-they are a great basis. that how im learnign them.
I agree--it is very powerful in your avatar.
Thats interseting you did this off a photo--I coudnt tell-and thats a good thing if you ask me.
you should be very proud of that piece!
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November 17, 2004
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